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Objective of training:

Is it about knowledge of an application and/or about developing more skills? Or are you already working with the application, but is it purely about obtaining the certificate?
In short: what is your objective?

Form of training:

Online, on-site or a hybrid form, our trainers have experience with every form.
Trainings can be followed as part of a class or as inidvidual –  a personal trainer.
What works best for you?

Moment of training:

During the day, in the evening, a week in a row or just one day a week / month for a certain period. Which moments are best for your situation?
Together we come to a solution.

How can we help to fulfil your IT education needs?

Our trainers team

Sander van Vugt

With 60+ different Linux related books and 20+ Linux related video courses on his name, Sander knows some things about open source.

Remsey Mailjard

Remsey Mailjard is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, consultant and software developer. He founded Skills4-IT to transfer his knowledge to others and help them achieve Microsoft certifications. Note: elected as best trainer in the Netherlands

Michael Bright

Michael Bright is our Englishman, living in France. He is a freelance trainer and consultant specialized in Open Source and Cloud Native technologies. He has a broad background, that of course he uses for his training sessions.

Pascal van Dam

Pascal’s first introduction to Linux and open source was in 1992. He is appreciated by his students for the enthusiastic way in which he transfers knowledge. He combines his training with being a Linux and Container Platform architect at ATOS.

What do our customers say?

ITGilde trainers are skilled and absolutely know how to transfer the subject matter well. And very important: They do that in such a way I could immediately apply it in my work.”

Frits van Iperen


“Certification of our people is very important to us. And also that the training itself doesn’t effect the daily operations at the client. ITGilde knows how to make that happen. In addition, their teachers are highly skilled.

Rob Vermeulen

Unix Support Nederland B.V.

“During a Kubernetes training of ITGilde, I have learned só much about Kubernetes in such short time frame. And the best thing is: I was able to start using much of it right away in my work.”

Thijs Kanters

Kanters ICT B.V.

We believe in the strength of cooperation.


ITGilde doesn’t have employees. We only work with professionals who are intrinsically motivated to deliver the best quality and strive to exceed expectations. Our professionals always want to keep on learning, they support each other, help each other, give feedback to one another and keep each other up to date.

This motivation they take with them when instructing a class or coaching an individual. This creates an inspiring setting and gives you, as a participant the tools to obtain your training objectives and the tools to deal with the challenges in the office.

Our instructors do not just teach courses. No, they also have hands on experience, they work often as a consultant in companies. Therefor our professional know what is going on in the workplace. This gives ITGilde the possibility to deliver not just practice based trainings, but also in company tailored trainings.

Curious how we can cooperate? Contact us!

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